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  • LNACI has launched another new shoe upper production line and warehouse

    LNACI has launched another new shoe upper production line and warehouse

    May 24rd, 2024, in Chongqing, China. LNACI, a renowned men shoes factory specializing in bespoke leather footwear, proudly announces the launch of a new shoe upper production line and an additional warehouse. This expansion is a testament to LNACI's commitment to innovat...
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  • How to choose customized packaging for different shoe styles

    The specific need and characteristic of each shoe must be considered,When choosing custom packaging for different styles of shoes, whether it is dress shoes, casual shoes or sports shoes.Packaging not only protect the shoes, but also reflect the style and brand image. ...
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  • What workmanship are used in the shoemaking process?

    In the shoemaking process, various workmanship techniques are used to create high-quality footwear for men, including genuine leather shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, and boots. These techniques are essential in ensuring the durability, comfort, and style of the shoes. For ...
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  • What are the customer friendly or less friendly aspects of the shoes customization industry?

    In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the customization of shoes has become a burgeoning trend, offering consumers the opportunity to express their individuality through their footwear. This trend has given rise to a new round of shoe factories specializing in producing...
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  • Why Genuine Cow Leather Stands Out for Men’s Shoes?

    Hey guys, this is Vicente from LANCI Shoes Factory.Today, I would like to discuss with you why genuine cowhide leather is the best choice for making men’s shoes. Genuine cow leather isn't just a material, more importantly, it's a statement in the world of men's ...
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  • Which will be more popular in the future?leather or natural materials shoes?

    Under the constant promoting fashion field, the argue between leather shoes and the natural materials shoes have been discussing years. As conscious of consumers become more intense in sustainability and ethical practices. The question arises: Will real shoes or natural ...
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  • The Most Popular Ways to Tie Laces for Men’s Shoes

    When it comes to men's shoes, laces play a crucial role in not only securing the shoes but also adding a touch of style. Whether it's dress shoes, sneakers, or casual shoes, the way you tie your laces can make a significant difference in the overall look. Here are some o...
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  • An Introduction to Footwear Exhibition in Global

    The global footwear industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that demonstrate the fashion trend, design and innovations. The footwear industry is keeping promoting through renowned footwear exhibitions held in countries. The exhibitions gather manufacturer, designe...
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  • Armenia’s Ancient Leather Shoes: A Pioneer in Footwear

    Author:Meilin from LANCI Subtitle:Discovering the World's Oldest Leather Footwear and Its Impact on Modern Shoemaking Foreword: “The discovery of the world's oldest known leather shoes in Armenia is a significant milestone in the history of footwear." - Armenian Archaeol...
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